Your terms and conditions of use

General Warranty Terms:

We mention warranty terms and warranty provider with each and every item. It is our priority that warranty providers of the items you purchase from us are available throughout the country.

Unless otherwise stated, the products are sold "AS IS" by ARSHI COMPUTER but may be accompanied by their manufacturer's standard warranties. ARSHI COMPUTER sells "AS IS" products as is, where is, and with all faults, and without express or implied warranties from ARSHI COMPUTER. If you have any questions about manufacturer's warranties that accompany the products that you have purchased, please check the product description or contact ARSHI COMPUTER by writing to us. 

Products sold through ARSHI COMPUTER are serviced and supported by their manufacturers in accordance with any terms and conditions packaged with the products. Prior to placing your order, you are responsible to visit the manufacturer's website to confirm that the product you intend to purchase is compatible with your system. We shall not be responsible and will not accept return of products purchased by you that are not compatible with your system configuration.

If you decide to send us products to re-check or if the products are returned to us for warranty repair, all products must be packed in the original, unmarked packaging including any accessories, manuals, documentation and registration that shipped with the products. Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty. ARSHI COMPUTER will assess a minimum of 20% restocking fees on any returned products if returned within 3 days of shipping and will not provide any cash back, customer can purchase another product of remaining value. All shipping charges to deliver products to our company are fully paid by you - we will not refund shipping costs at any case. Please allow up to five (7) business days for our technician team to check out your returned products.

If the products are found NOT DEFECTIVE, we shall return the products to you and you shall bear the shipping costs.

If the products are found to be DEFECTIVE and the products are covered under the manufacturer's warranties, the defective products will be repaired by the manufacturers and the repaired products will be shipped out to you by Courier. We shall not be responsible for products that are damaged during shipment or due to misuse/abuse by the customer/shipping carrier.

If the warranty seal or sticker of the products are broken or have been tampered with, the products will no longer have any warranty and the manufacturers will no longer be liable for the repair or replacement of your products. NOTE: The manufacturers shall only be held responsible for warranty boxes which are purchased directly from our website with an order number. If you have purchased your products from a reseller who has purchased from us, then contact your reseller as your reseller is the one responsible for your warranty box, not us.

• Warranty Seal shall not be broken or tampered.
• All claims must be within 5 days from the date you received the package. We will track when you received the package by tracing on the tracking number of your order.
• We shall not entertain to any claim whatsoever after the 5 day warranty period.

1. All Accessories have only checking warranty 3 Days.
2. Printers have not head warranty.
3. Specification and Models are subject to change without prior notification.